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3 Questions To Ask Your Builder

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A builder should be your first call when you decide to build a home. However, most people do not know how to choose a home builder. Below is a piece with a few questions to ask your home builder before engaging their services. 

What Is Your Experience? 

Ask the builder to send you a portfolio detailing recent projects. Conduct thorough assessments to determine their experience. For instance, you could inquire about how much they were involved in the project. For example, did they participate in building design? Did the builder construct the structural features? Did they install the roof, internal fixtures, and landscaping elements? Such evaluations help you determine the builder's expertise. For example, some builders provide comprehensive services, others build structures, while others only conduct brick-laying work. 

You must also evaluate the builder's certifications. For example, do they have the required licences from your local council? Sometimes, you might need the builder to have special permits, such as demolition accreditation. Your builder will need this if you intend to pull down an existing structure to build a new building. The builder must also belong to a professional association. These organizations come in handy since they help settle builder-client disputes. Finally, assess the builder's experience in working with other members of the construction team and clients. For example, do they have excellent communication skills? Do they incorporate client views and requests? Reviews on the builder's website will help you determine whether the professional is the right fit. 

Do You Have Adequate Insurance? 

Most clients will instantly hire the builder if they are confident in their build quality and work ethic. However, you must also ensure the builder has adequate insurance. It protects you from legal liability and compensation suits when accidents occur on your premises. For instance, a neighbour whose property suffers damage due to falling items from the construction site could sue you for property damage. However, you could avoid this by ensuring the builder has general liability insurance. 

What Materials Will You Use? 

What is the builder's preferred material choice? In most cases, the builder assesses your tastes and preferences before deciding their material choice. They then determine the availability of the materials, the building's structural loads, and cost implications before giving an opinion. For example, they could ask you to consider pre-cast panels to save construction time and cost. The primary benefit of these panels is that they can be fabricated to give your preferred external finish. For instance, they could be cladded in stone to give a brick-like finish. The builder could also recommend recycled materials to save on construction costs. 

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