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Why Steel Studs Should be Used for House Frames

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The frame of a house is always going to be one of the most important aspects of the construction because the frame dictates structural integrity. If you have ever walked past a house being constructed, you probably have noticed that most frames are created out of wood. But just because most builders use wooden studs to create a frame, does this mean that you should too? In fact, there is a strong argument for steel studs, and here are a few reasons why:

Better for the environment. Steel is something that is entirely recyclable, whereas trees have to be cut down if you are going to use wooden building supplies. Since climate change is one of the biggest threats to humanity in the 21st century, using sustainable materials is something that all contractors should have at the forefront of their minds. You may also be dealing with clients who have a preference for an ecological building, in which case steel would be the better choice.

Cost. Since steel is recyclable, you should endeavour to use steel that has been recycled, and the great news aside from environmental impact is that this also brings down the cost of your building supplies. There is no client out there who doesn't want their house building project to have lower costs, and using steel is a great way to demonstrate that you know how to work cost-effectively.

Strength and durability. Steel is incredibly strong and sturdy, particularly when compared with wood, which can bend, break and rot depending on weather conditions. In a place like Australia where bush fires are not an uncommon occurrence, wood can go up in flames, so wood should also be avoided in those bush zones in favour of impenetrable steel. While wood can also attract nasty termites (or needs to be treated with toxic substances to deter them), steel studs will keep a house termite free.

Simpler installation. Why make a job more complicated when you can make it simpler? A simple job is what you get when you use steel because it's substantially lighter than wood and therefore is easier to manoeuvre around a construction site. You might think that steel would be heavier because of its strength, but this is not the case. Steel studs are also hollowed out, so they are easier to fit together for storage.

Now that you know the facts, will you choose wooden or steel studs?