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Common Questions About Applying Window Film

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Applying window film to your home or office windows can have many benefits, one being that it can reduce the glare on monitors so that no one suffers from eyestrain after a long day on the computer. It can also work as an insulator so that your windows let out less hot or cold air during winter and summer. If you're thinking of having this type of film applied to your windows, below are a few common questions and their answers, and this can help you determine the best window film for your home or office.

1. Can window film be washed?

In most cases, you will need to wait a number of days for the film to cure or set before you can wash it, but then you can typically use any type of glass cleaner over the film. Abrasive materials may scratch at the window film, but if you clean the film just as you would glass, it will usually stay in good condition. Ask your salesperson about any recommendations they may have about the window film you choose in particular.

2. Does window film stop furniture from fading?

If you're considering film because you live in an area with lots of bright sunlight that is actually damaging your furniture, plants, and the like, note that film can be very helpful with this problem, but may not solve it entirely. This is because furniture, plants, and everything you have inside your home can be affected by humidity levels, the durability of the fabric of your furniture, the plants' potential to thrive in your local area, and the like. You may need to install a dehumidifier in your home or have your furniture cleaned regularly to protect it in addition to adding film to your windows.

3. What if I want to insulate my windows but not darken them?

Note that window film usually comes in a wide array of tints, and may also be perfectly clear. The thickness of the film and the material from which it's made will determine how well it insulates your home, not just its tint or color. If you want to apply window film to your home in order to insulate it, add security, or for any other purpose, but don't like the look of dark windows, ask your sales representative for their recommendations. You may find that you can get perfectly clear window security film applied that strengthens the windows and adds an insulating factor to your home.