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Smoke detectors for people with hearing loss

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Fire safety equipment come in many different forms. One of the most important pieces of equipment for protecting your home against fires is the smoke detector. This piece of equipment can warn you and your family, long before you're in any real danger, about a fire in your home. This small piece of equipment can also help save your home from destruction, as it can warn you in time for calling the fire department, before any substantial damage has been done. However, these devices are not as useful for people that for different reasons have trouble hearing. If you can't trust that you'll hear the fire alarm if that day comes, you should know about a few options for smoke detectors that can benefit even you.

No hearing

If you can't hear anything at all, this is where you'll need truly special solutions for you to benefit from a smoke detector. One solution is to get a smoke detector that gives away strong beams of light. However, as this might not be enough to, for example, wake you up in case a fire would start as you were asleep, you should also get a device installed under your pillow or mattress that vibrates as the smoke detector goes off. These devices are activated by the sound of a common fire alarm; therefore, all of the family members, including those who can hear, will benefit from the solution.

Major loss of hearing

If you can't hear very much but are not completely deaf, the aforementioned solution might feel a bit too extreme for you. In that case, an accessory being put next to your bed that is also activated by a common smoke detector and that gives away a sound with an extra low tone of noise might be enough. The device makes a loud, low-pitched sound that is easier to hear than high-pitched noises. This can also be combined with a vibrating device under your pillow if you feel unsure about waking up by the noise alone.

Small loss of hearing

Lastly, for people that have their hearing intact, but that have discovered it has gotten worse as they've gotten older, a smoke detector with a low-pitched noise might be more effective than a common smoke detector. If you are still able to hear, then getting an accessory put next to your bed might feel unnecessary. There are smoke alarms that make this type of sound without being connected to any devices, which should make you hear it more easily.