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Reasons to Fit a Whole-Home Air Filtration Unit in your Home

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If you live in a place with significant air quality contamination, it may be wise to consider installing a whole-home air filtration unit rather than rely on multiple portable air purifiers. Whole-home air filters can be integrated with any air conditioning system, whether retrofit or new build and they are available in a range of types, sizes and prices. While these require a significant upfront investment, the benefits from whole-home filters extend far beyond anything you can get using portable filters.

1. Instant multi-room filtration

HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems are designed to push conditioned air into all rooms of the house simultaneously. For homes using portable air purifiers, this implies that every room of the house would need its own purifier to get rid of pollutants before room occupants breathe that air.

A whole-home filtration system integrates with the HVAC system to draw out harmful particles and allergens before pushing air into your rooms. Unless you intend to stay in the same room with a single portable purifier, having the whole-home unit would be more efficient.

2. Quiet operation

Most portable air purifiers are rather noisy, even those which are optimized to be more silent. Whole-home filtration units, however, being installed alongside your HVAC system, create no more noise than you regularly have when turning on your air conditioning unit or heater.

3. Cleaner air

Most HVAC systems work by circulating air between different rooms of the house multiple times. When you have a whole-home air filtering unit installed, this air will be passed through the filter every single time before recirculation. In turn, you and your loved ones will breathe in cleaner air.

4. More efficient HVAC systems

Particles in the air circulating through your HVAC system not only diminish the quality of air fed into your house, they can damage your air conditioning system. Loose particles, dirt and dust can easily clog ducts or get into the compressor, reducing the level of efficiency of your HVAC system.

In time, your air conditioner's components will have to work harder to maintain the same internal environment, which uses up more energy and causes parts to run down faster. You will see the results of this in much higher heating and cooling bills, as well as more frequent breakdowns and a shortened lifespan for your equipment.

Using a whole-home filtration system will ensure that the air circulating in your HVAC system is dirt-free, so that your system runs at optimal efficiency for longer.