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3 Care & Maintenance Tips for Timber Windows & Timber Sliding Doors

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When you first decided to have timber windows and sliding doors in your home, you may have been told there were some basic care steps to keep in mind. Most of these are common knowledge, such as keeping them clean of dirt and debris and checking for any leaks in the seals on the border of the windows. There are a few cleaning and maintenance tips you may not know that can actually help your timber windows and doors last longer. Here are a few of those tips.

Routine Weather Sealing

One of the steps that home owners overlook when it comes to the maintenance and care of their timber windows and sliding door frames is routine weather sealing. In fact, you may be under the misconception that the exterior is all that should be weather sealed. The truth is, you should have routine weather sealing applied to your timber frames according to the manufacturer suggestions. If you aren't sure how often to weather seal your frames, or what type of weather seal to use, consider contacting a window contractor for this service.

Wood Oil During Routine Cleaning

Another care and maintenance tip that can help the life and beauty of your timber windows and sliding doors is to use wood oil during routine cleaning. You may be cleaning the window frames, but the cleaning may be deplenshing the natural oils of the wood. By using a wood oil that is designed for the type of timber you have, you can ensure the beauty and lustre of the wood as well as keeping the wood from drying out in extreme weather conditions.

Use Antifungal Paint

In some cases, the change in weather conditions can cause mould or mildew to form on the timber frames. One step you can take to prevent this, or reduce the chance of it happening to your timber frames, is to use an antifungal paint. This will help block the fungal properties that lead to mould or mildew and help maintain your timber frames during the year. This should be done at the time that you handle the routine weather sealing.

These are just three of the many care and maintenance tips available for timber windows and timber sliding doors. If you need to know how to care for your specific timber products in your home, contact your local contractor that has timber wood experience. They can help you with care tips, scheduling routine maintenance, and any repairs you may need.