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5 Minutes to Savings on Heating

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When it comes to saving money on your heating bill, you've likely reviewed countless tips on installing window film and replacing your weather stripping, and even buying a new programmable thermostat. However, there are some very basic things you can do right now to save yourself on your heating costs. Each one takes far less than 5 minutes!

Ceiling Fans

Many people shut off their ceiling fans at the beginning of each winter, with the thought that they are only made to cool the room down. However, look closely at your ceiling fan's base. You'll find that it has two settings: one which will pull air up, and one that will push air down. You want to set your blades to pull air up at a slow rate, forcing the warmer air near the ceiling to mix with the cooler air that has settled below.

Use the Sunlight

Pay attention to when you open and close your drapes. Thick drapes over your windows will keep heat from escaping in the evenings, but may prevent warming sunshine from coming into your home and saving you money. Make sure to open your curtains that face the sun as soon as it rises, and you'll be taking advantage of the most basic form of solar power out there.

Replace Your Filter

If you're a renter or new to home ownership, chances are you've never taken a look at what is trapped in your furnace filter. These should be changed at least once a year, and after any construction projects take place in your home, to maximise the efficiency of your furnace. Make sure to keep a few filters on hand so that you're not traipsing off to the hardware store every first snowfall.

Close the Chimney

Though most people love cuddling up next to the fireplace in the evenings to warm their toes and relax, there are many who put out the fire before bed and leave the flue open. This an invitation to cold wind to come right in and make your house a home.

Turn Down Your Water Heater

The average household expends quite a bit of energy heating huge tanks of water all day long for intermittent usage. You don't have to invest tons of money in a tankless water heater to save some money, however. Simply turn the heat down a few degrees. You'll have plenty of water for your hot showers without breaking the bank, and you won't scald yourself on hot water when you do the dishes.

Choose your favourites from above, and take action right now. Five minutes could save you quite a bit of money over the next winter season! For more tips or assistance, contact companies like Middleton's.