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The Dangers of DIY Gas Ducted Heating Installation

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The rising cost of electricity has prompted many people to switch to gas-powered heating systems. Some of these people opt to install the new system without the help of a certified professional. This article discusses some of the risks you are likely to face if you choose to install the gas ducted heating system by yourself.

Higher Purchase Cost

A layperson doing a DIY gas-ducted heating installation may not have the knowledge to determine the correct size of the furnace needed to heat his or her home. As a result, they are likely to try and "play it safe" by buying the largest unit they can find. That oversized furnace will cost you much more than is necessary for the size of your home. This means you will have wasted money yet that money could have been saved for something else like doing a kitchen renovation.

Higher Operating Costs

Inadvertently getting a larger or smaller heating unit than you need may result in higher operating costs. For instance, a bigger unit will burn more gas than is needed to heat the home. This will force the system to have lower duty cycles (shorter durations when the system is off) and that frequent on/off cycle will result in more wear on parts like the controller and the thermostat. You will incur higher costs of repairing or replacing worn parts.

Inadequate Insulation

Most DIYers are not always capable of picking the right insulation products for gas ducted heating systems. As a result, the system they install will have serious leaks that will make it hard for the family members to get the full benefits of the heating system.

Higher Noise Levels

Gas ducted heating systems emit some noise as they work. This is because each system has a heat exchanger that has a fan to push air through the furnace and the ducts. A wrongly-sized furnace will require a large fan and that will set you up for high noise levels as your oversized system is working.

Installing a gas ducted heating system is a big investment that should not be ruined by the limited skills of a DIY installation attempt. Get a professional to take charge of the entire process from designing the right system to installing it correctly so that you enjoy the benefits of your heating system. For a second opinion, you can always contact companies like Climatrol before you get started.