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3 Essential Design Elements For An Easy-to-clean Kitchen

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Time in the kitchen cooking delicious meals for your family and hosting dinner parties for your friends is always time well spent. But if you have to spend just as much time cleaning up after yourself and your guests, your kitchen might not seem like such a fun place for hanging out. You can have access to every fancy cleaning product under the sun, but if your kitchen is not designed in a way that makes it easy to clean, you'll find yourself scrubbing and mopping for huge amounts of time each day. So when planning a kitchen, be sure to integrate these design features so that your kitchen is a place where you can cook and socialise more and clean less.

Install a glass splashback. If the area behind your stove doesn't have a splashback, it is inevitable that you will end up with curry and pasta sauce splotches all over your walls. But if you install a splashback then you can easily wipe off those stains with a simple soap and water solution. This takes seconds, and it will keep your kitchen looking spick and span. Kitchen splashbacks are sold in a huge variety of materials, but glass is one of the best choices because glass can be treated with antibacterial properties. This means that not only will your kitchen look clean, but also it will be extremely sanitary with a glass splashback. Glass also eliminates the grout lines that you have to clean with tiles.

Install linoleum flooring. Flooring is also an important choice, and it will determine to a great extent whether your kitchen is high or low maintenance. Again, tiles with grout lines are a bad idea if you your priority is quick cleaning. Linoleum, however, is a great option because it is long lasting, often contains recycled content, it is non-toxic, easy to install, and you can quickly wipe a mop over the surface to create a sparkling floor.

Add an additional sink. Installing an extra sink into your kitchen might seem extravagant, but it can really help with cleaning and functionality. With an extra sink, one sink can be used to prep when you are cooking, and the other can be used as a clean-up area. If one sink is always known as a cleaning place, your kitchen is less likely to harbour mess and dirt in places that you really don't want that mess to be. For more information, contact a business such as Dobson's Monumental Works Pty Ltd.