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Smelly Skip: Sort it Out With These 4 Odour-reducing Tips for Skips

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If the skip at your office seems to have lots of gross odours coming from it, there are easy ways to control those odours. Best of all, you can often control them without spending an extra dollar. Tired of your office's smelly skip? Try these odour-killing strategies:

1. Address your food rubbish

In most cases, it it the leftover sandwiches and pieces of pizza from your breakroom that are likely causing your skip bin to smell, and luckily, there are a few ways to reduce odours from this source.

When you empty the garbage cans in your break room, always put a second bag around the bag that you removed. That helps to lock in odours. If you don't want to waste a lot of bags, devote just one rubbish bin to leftovers and advise your staff to only use that bin for food waste, not the bins under their desks or any other bins.

If you like and you have an extra freezer in your office storage room, you can actually bag the food garbage, and pop it in the freezer until the rubbish company comes to collect the garbage in the skip.

2. Sprinkle your skip with odour-eating materials

Sprinkle your skip with odour eating materials, and so that you don't have to spend too much extra money,  use materials that you already have on hand. For example, if you have coffee in the break room, use coffee grounds. If you have baking soda in your breakroom fridge to cut odours there, use a bit of that.

3. Make a cheap sanitiser

With a bottle of liquid fabric softener, you can make multiple spray bottles of deodorisers. Simply fill a cap full of fabric softener, empty it into a spray bottle, fill with water and shake. Spray this deodoriser on all of your garbage bags when you place them in your garbage bins.

When these bags are taken to the skip, they will have a pleasant odour. This strategy is typically cheaper than buying scented bags or buying commercial deodorisers. If you have staff with allergies, just mix water, a couple of drops of essential oil and some baking soda to make an all-natural spray.

4. Keep skips out of direct sunlight

In addition to all of the steps you take in your office so you don't' carry smells to your skip, also pay attention to your skip itself. If possible, have someone scrub it once a month with bleach and water to kill odour causing bacteria, and keep your bin out of direct sunlight.

Sun increases the growth of many smelly substances and keeping your skip in a relatively shaded area can help to keep the odours under control.

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